Sunday, December 21, 2008

FIFA 09 PC AFF Suzuki Cup Chants Patch Release

If you like to play AFF Suzuki Cup then you might like this chants pack also. However, at the moment, it only include a national anthem of all 8 national team.

All you need to do is to have Sound master 09 install and load this patch. How?

First download the tutorial here.

then download the AFF Cup chants anthem pack here.

I hope by reading the tutorial you will have minimal problem when using SM09 beta.

Latest addition - 24/12/2008
If you having problem downloading from Rinaldo's website, you can download from the link below.
This is UNOFFICIAL mirror link from my account for Sound Master 09 by Rinaldo.


Farid Fabregas said...

salam. boleh tak tolong upload SM09 tu kat mediafire?
sbb saya tak boleh donlod di website yg sedia ada..

p/s: saya dh boleh guna .cmp tu. thanks for the tutorial. nice job

MSL09 Patcher said...

okay, unofficial link dah ditambah dalam pos di atas.

Farid Fabregas said...

terima kasih

man14 said...

lepas dah msukan chants ni bila buka game takda bunyi commentater dah..mcmana nak solve prob ni?