Tuesday, December 16, 2008

AFF Suzuki Cup 2008 patch for FIFA 09 released

For football fans from South East Asia, I'm now bring you the first AFF Suzuki Cup 2008 patch created by me. This is a FIFA09 PC version only.

The patch comprises of 8 ASEAN national team competes on the final group match this month. The team are Indonesia, Singapore, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, and Vietnam.

Download from my (mslpatcher) mediafire.com accounts here:
AFF Suzuki Cup for FIFA 09 version 1

All team kits (h/a) were created by myself. Hope you like it.

For those who have download MSL4FIFA09 previous version 1, you are encouraged to download the new version 1.1. The small changes were actually a small fix to players attributes. I have to set a lower attributes to Malaysia national team players, as such, in my opinion, it is better if I lower a few players in TM Liga super as well to balance the changes.

Downloading MSL4FIFA09 version 1.1

How to Play AFF Suzuki Cup patch?
You can access the teams from both Kick Off (Friendly match) and Tournament Mode.
From Kick-off, team you can find a group header AFF Suzuki Cup or also from normal International header.

In Tournament mode, you can access the game via Rest of World header. The AFF Suzuki Cup do not have specific country logically, as such it is necessary to placed in 'Rest of World' Country.

Thank you for downloading. Any comment please state here.


oil said...

tak tahu nak buka file "cmp file"
dia tu zip file ke

oil said...

kalau boleh tolong ajar nak bukak cmp file....coz..masa patch yg msl team ok..best giler...tapi yg nie...x leh nak bukak..frust jugak...

mohd aisamuddin said...

hello bro
sy dari harimau malaya.com
boleh sy tau mcm mana nk contact bro?
email me.

MSL09 Patcher said...

Oil, CMP ni file format untuk Creation Master 09 (CM09). Untuk install, awak mesti dah install CM09.

kali ini saya sengaja hanya release versi CMP supaya tak jejaskan setting korang. Oil dulu download versi ZIP. Fail tu overwrite dan tambah fail ke dalam folder FIFA09. Memang mudah. Tapi Oil cuba CM09 kali ini, pasti anda akan turut teruja untuk mengedit fifa anda.

Aisamuddin, emel saya fifa09dotmy@mail.com

oil said...

tq lah bro tapi...cm09 takleha nak bukak ada eror...gua baru je install..pass tu bila nak bukak x leh...frust..ada cara lain tak..kalau ada tolong tunjukan..

mohd said...

mane nak cari software nie...ate letak le software tu kat sini...lehh le teman nak donolod

Azri said...

bro, seblom ni aku gune yg zip file tu... tp skang bila nk gune .cmp file tu x jd r... ade original unmodified "data" folder utk fifa09 x?

MSL09 Patcher said...

Cuba korang semua yang masih ada masalah tu ikut langkah-langkah dalam tutorial yang saya dah tulis. Download fail PDF dari link ini, , http://www.mediafire.com/?djmkwzd3jzy

eNCiK aHMaD said...

bro, utk fifa08 xde ker?

oil said...


MSL09 Patcher said...

Mr. Oil, mungkin awak ni ada masalah CM09 sebab tak pernah instll .NET framework ni.

Sila dapatkan .NET Framework 2.0 di URL dari www.microsoft.com.


Rinaldo cipta CM09 ni gunakan .NET so, kepada kita semua, sekurang-kurangnya ada .net framework tu. Saya pasti lepas ni, pasti tak akan ada masalah lagi.

MSL09 Patcher said...

Encik Ahmad,
FIFA08 patch dah siap, sila download.

ernie said...

i need help here..i downloaded the patch n i can play in fifa09, but i cant continue my career..i did a backup but i dont noe why it went wrong..can anyone help me to rescue my career? or no more hopes? can i delete patch n import again? teach me pls..as soon as possible..

MSL09 Patcher said...

By importing any FIFA09 patches, including MSL4FIFA09, you career no longer works. This is due to changes to the database. Assuming in FIFA we have 300 teams (I don't really count), by adding MSL4FIFA09, the data changed and the team now are 314 teams, and the player data have been added by 350 new players. That's why you career no longer works.

However you can try using IM09 (internal master 09) to recover your career files and continue using it. Success may vary.

ernie said...

i got a new career nw, but if i use the im09 n got recover, will my second career spoil or affect by this?

MSL09 Patcher said...

Honestly, I don't know. I advise you to ask this problem in http://www.soccergaming.com/forums/

ernie said...

nvm thx..
by the way, i lose the commantator sounds in fifa09, wat should i do?
before tht it was like (fabregas, nasri, van persie, is a goal!!!)
now i still can hear the crowd n whistle voices but not commantator voice..

MSL09 Patcher said...

Ernie, If that is the case, I can't help you much but saying, "You have to reinstall FIFA09, of if you already did a backup copy as I advise in my tutorial, recopy to the original folder all your backup audio files.

Have you read my tutorial?

Anyway SM09 is one of unstable software created by rinaldo. It is considered useful utilities but success may vary. You've been warned.

MSL09 Patcher said...

Ernie, I forgot to mention. Pls go to soccergaming.com forum and read or follow this thread http://www.soccergaming.com/forums/showthread.php?t=156929

Azmannoh Family Club said...

MSLPATCHER....sye nak tnyer..kat mna untuk saya mendapatkan CM09 tuu..dah merata cari..klu kat FILEFRONT dah dapat tapi ble nak download dyer tulis kat ctu DOWNLOAD Is UNAVAILabLe..kalau cre ni x leh bg la alamat site yang bleh sye download cm09 tuu..sye download cm09 kt filefront tu berdasarkan commen kt youtube,..