Friday, December 26, 2008

Team Chants for MSL4FIFA09 patch

MALAYSIA SUPER LEAGUE 2009 CHANTS Patch (Patch Sorakan Penyokong Liga Super Malaysia)

If you enjoy play with Malaysia Super league (Liga Super Malaysia) patch (MSL4FIFA09), then you might interested with this sound patch too.

This is a small package of team chants in SMP format file. It comprises of Kedah and Selangor team only.

I have a plan to release additional chants later on, if time permits and/or if I can find a good and reliable audio sources for other teams in MSL patch.

1. FIfa09 already installed
2. MSL4FIFA09 patch already installed, preferably version 1.1
3. Sound Master already installed.

Download Kedah and Selangor team chants here.

All the audio sources were taken from some video that available freely in youtube, mostly a fan video.

Unfortunately, not all youtube items related to malaysia football have a good sound/audio setup, as such, you may find that my patch is probably fall in mediocre sound patch category. But, hey, as long as you enjoy it.

Better have the sound rather than nothing at all. Don't you think so?

Perhatian: Saya mengambil sumber audio dari pelbagai video dari youtube tanpa kebenaran secara rasmi dari pemilik sah sumber video tersebut. Saya minta maaf jika ia melanggar prinsip atau hak penerbitan video anda. namun begitu, saya amat berharap, memandangkan saya tidak mengenakan sebarang bayaran pun dalam penyediaan audio untuk fifa09 ini, saya amat berharap pemilik video youtube tersebut tidak menghalang pengedaran audio patch ini. Tetapi jika anda (pemilik video) tidak bersetuju dengan tindakan saya, sila tinggalkan mesej atau emel saya dan saya akan dengan segera membuang fail tersebut dari pengedaran dari akaun mediafire saya.

Apa-apapun saya amat berterima kasih kepada fan-fan bola sepak Malaysia yang menyiarkan video-video perlawanan bola sepak malaysia. Semoga usaha anda dapat diteruskan.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Malaysia Super league and AFF Suzuki Cup for FIFA 08 PC

This is actually two special CMP package for FIFA 08. By request from a fellow HMC forumer, I decided to convert both my patch, MSL4FIFA09 and AFF Suzuki Cup for FIFA09 (all PC version) and make it works with FIFA 08 PC.

So Encik Ahmad, here is the patch,
MSL2009 for FIFA08 - [url:]
AFF Suzuki Cup 2008 for FIFA08 - [url:]

Since it is a 99 % conversion, so most of the GUI and data are similar with FIFA09 version, with the exception of kits, I redo since I have to place a shadow layer for all 14+8 teams.

Hope this patch will satisfy the other FIFA08 PC version gamer too.

Remember, to play Suzuki Cup, look for it in Rest of World header in tournament mode.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

FIFA 09 PC AFF Suzuki Cup Chants Patch Release

If you like to play AFF Suzuki Cup then you might like this chants pack also. However, at the moment, it only include a national anthem of all 8 national team.

All you need to do is to have Sound master 09 install and load this patch. How?

First download the tutorial here.

then download the AFF Cup chants anthem pack here.

I hope by reading the tutorial you will have minimal problem when using SM09 beta.

Latest addition - 24/12/2008
If you having problem downloading from Rinaldo's website, you can download from the link below.
This is UNOFFICIAL mirror link from my account for Sound Master 09 by Rinaldo.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

CM09 Tutorial : How-to Import Patch using CMP

I took the liberty to write a simple tutorial on how to load a cmp file to CM09.

No need for explanation, just download and read. It's in PDF format.

Directlink is here,


If you're having problem downloading CM09 from rinaldo's official account, you may download from this the link provided.

Please remember this is Unofficial mirror link. Luckily, Rinaldo is a very good person.

Thank you Rinaldo

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

AFF Suzuki Cup 2008 patch for FIFA 09 released

For football fans from South East Asia, I'm now bring you the first AFF Suzuki Cup 2008 patch created by me. This is a FIFA09 PC version only.

The patch comprises of 8 ASEAN national team competes on the final group match this month. The team are Indonesia, Singapore, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, and Vietnam.

Download from my (mslpatcher) accounts here:
AFF Suzuki Cup for FIFA 09 version 1

All team kits (h/a) were created by myself. Hope you like it.

For those who have download MSL4FIFA09 previous version 1, you are encouraged to download the new version 1.1. The small changes were actually a small fix to players attributes. I have to set a lower attributes to Malaysia national team players, as such, in my opinion, it is better if I lower a few players in TM Liga super as well to balance the changes.

Downloading MSL4FIFA09 version 1.1

How to Play AFF Suzuki Cup patch?
You can access the teams from both Kick Off (Friendly match) and Tournament Mode.
From Kick-off, team you can find a group header AFF Suzuki Cup or also from normal International header.

In Tournament mode, you can access the game via Rest of World header. The AFF Suzuki Cup do not have specific country logically, as such it is necessary to placed in 'Rest of World' Country.

Thank you for downloading. Any comment please state here.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

MSL4FIFA09 Pre-season Release

Malaysia TM Super League season 2009 patch for FIFA09 and Malaysia National Team patch

Today I'm announcing the first preseason release of Malaysia TM Liga Super (or Liga Super Malaysia) patch for FIFA09. I can't wait for another months until all teams announcing their proper line up. So consider this patch as a pre-season or if you may, a tryout version before January 2009. This patch also includes Malaysia national team.

Here is the link (version 1.0).
CMP version (requires CM09 readily install)
ZIP (restore backup) version

What is the different? Zip version let you unzip the files to fifa 09 folder. Then you can start the game. CMP version, on the other hand, require CM09 software which you can downloaded for free from The advantage using CMP over zip version is you can make changes to this patch and the rest of FIFA09.

I do recommend you using CMP version. The ZIP version is good for one reason. You retain my settings.

The downside of using both version is you may not be able to continue you career mode and probably any other save games. If you still want to retain your game, you must backup all your files in FIFA 09 folder in My Documents.

The same is true to all or any other fifa09 team/league/tournament released or to be release.

So this is a must do. To avoid any crash for running your no longer compatible game, please clear all files in my documents\fifa 09 folder. Then you can run CM09 and load the patch or unzip the patch to fifa 09 folder.

Enjoy TM Liga Super 2009 patch. I know I do.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Software for FIFA09

I'd like to inform you the software that I use for the patch.
Creation Master 09 by Rinalod (CM09 - release 1) - Just release officially 30/11/2008
Download 2.89mb files from his official sites

Sound Master 09 (Beta 1) - still unstable
Download 2.39Mb from his official sites

So far this is the great software for FIFA09 PC.