Friday, October 17, 2008

It Started to Make Sense

Yes it's true. I've been playing FIFA for quite sometimes. I love English League, I play A Serie and sometimes I just play the brazil league. Why is Malaysia Team not in the game. Where is the motto, "If it's in the game, it's in the game." I now Malaysia League were included in FIFA series in the old version. I quick google reveals FIFA'97 includes Malaysia League.

So, I think, if only can we add our own team, our own Malaysia Super League, or maybe Malaysia Primear League to the game, only then for Malaysian game-fan, we can say loudly, "it's in the game!".

Okay, you got me, what a crap. Building a patch is not easy. Yes, I knew there is Creation Master 08 for FIFA08 which can help fans modify or customised their team or league. I read a few forums and there is hope for latest Creation Master09 for FIFA09. But the hardest part was to build a database of the real player of each team. I google again and found wikipedia's link here.

These teams will be playing in the Malaysia Super League 2009 season.
But, who's playing for each team. Who is the benchwarmer. What color is their jersey or kits. What about the attributes of each player. In fact to make this project a successful and completed in shorter times, it needs the willingness of not one but many people.

So, I started this blog to proposed a Malaysia Super League Patch Project and I'm requesting for volunteers that willing to contributes to this project. Probably it will be a one off project.

What we need?
Graphics artiste for recreating all 14 teams home and away kits. (urgent)
Database researcher for each player of each team. (urgent)
Pictures/photographer or Face artiste so that we can recreate as close as possible the look of players. (not so urgent)
Adboard artiste if we want to change the adboard of stadiums. (not so urgent)
Flags artiste for each team. (not so urgent)
Any other stuff that we can think of.

Every task will have to be distributed amoung groups of volunteers. The first two is the hardest part.

What tools to use?
Frankly I don't know really well about it. But by following the forum at, I came across with the person named Rinaldo. And he have created a numbers of tools under the brand FIFA MASTER, even way back to FIFA 2006 and FIFA 2007. Also MonkeyDragon softwares like 09 Kit Tool and other 09 series, are exceptional quality. I suggest you try visited his websites (unfortunately, he's taking a leave till november).

When can we do it?
The graphics part is the first that we can start to create. So is the database by creating it in Excel files. But we can only start the building the patch when Creation Master 09 programmed by Rinaldo surfaced in the net. Recently I tested CM08 and boy, it's really excellent softwares for editing FIFA08 data and graphics.

So, any volunteers? If you're interested, just leave a comment with your name and which part you want to contributes. Remember, this is a NO PAY efforts. So, all people are welcome. I also will not force you to do it for myself. I already started researching for Malaysia national team, and hopefully I can create the team for a small international team patch.

I know I can do it, MSL4FIFA09, by myself, but where is the fun?


Rinie said...

all the best man~ ^^

my suggestion is to start small.

start with whteva u can do at d moment. eg do on malaysia national team 1st.

Muhammad Arif said...

Hi bro....
How about you check my blog...

I made some kit for PERAK, but it just for fun... Coz i'm anak jati PERAK, peminat & penyokong PERAK, main FIFA & PES.

But anyway, I might make some of the kit also for fun... Tapi jangan terlalu mengharap... Lagi pun teman ni amatur je...
Tapi teman suke dengan idea miker ni pasey nak buat MSL league patch dalam fifa... Tapi 1 je, takut la orang tak nak try...

Dulu teman ade try buat J-League patch untuk PES, dekat sebulan jugak buat sume tu, nasib ade budak jepun buatkan kit, cantik & cepat... Boleh tahan lakunye tapi tak lalu nak buatnye sorang2..

Anyway... GOOD LUCK....

arven said...

hello bro
tolong ajar saye
bagaimana nak buat team malaysia menggunakan cm09..
kalau boleh ciptalah video..
dan masukkan dalam youtube...
lebih remaja dapat create team malaysia kita....saya pun dapat b;jar eheheh..
sama sama lah kita majukan team malaysia dalam fifa 09....